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By signing the contract

Limo service By signing the contract with developers RGM – Empreendimentos Turísticos e Desporto, Lda, the council has given its OK to the construction of the 160-bed hotel project that will also comprise a nine-hole golf course, swimming pools, lakes and tennis courts.
The Monrepos Resort is to be built in Palhagueira, Gorjões, in the parish of Santa Bárbara de Nexe.
Statistics Portugal (INE) revealed this week that foreign tourists spent 740,000 additional nights at national hotels during the month of May than they did 12 months before. Overall, there were 3.954 million overnight stays at hotels in Portugal, with just over three million of these being foreign torusists, which is up from a figure of just over 2.2 million in 2012.
While the number of foreign guests rose by 8.4 percent, domestic travellers were down five percent, representing a fall of 194,000 in the number of nights spent at hotels in the country.
Irish tourists were largely responsible for the unexpected boost in hotel guests, and were up 40.8 percent on last year.

The council recalls

The council recalls that under the Algarve’s current land plan no building is allowed to take place on rural terrain, with the exception of isolated hotels.
Faro has granted a maximum of a 160 new bed-resort to be built through that loophole.

The council describes the project as being of maximum importance to boosting tourism in the municipality’s interior area.
Covering an area of 13.4 hectares, the architectural draft of the hotel shows it will follow a modern, contemporary design.
“It is a quality product that is so important for boosting the region’s tourism, in particular in its interior”, and is “directed at a niche market of quality, from a sustainable perspective”, Faro Town Hall said in a statement.
With the decision, the council also believes it is adding value to the parish of Santa Bárbara de Nexe, as it will “allow the number of permanent residents to be increased as well as increasing the number of direct and indirect jobs to be created.”
Visitors from Ireland, Britain and Germany staying at Portuguese hotels in May were responsible for a strong performance in hotel occupancy, with revenue also markedly up on the same month last year.